When you’re “DTD” with a lower body, but have a “B2B.”

Huge win for the boys last night stemming from your 37 save outing in the lower realms of Beer League Hockey. Had to battle through some tough PK’s but you managed to pull away with the W…while also pulling your groin.

“Yep, that’s gonna suck tomorrow,” as you sit on your knees in the crease for a few seconds and wince as you try to get up. If only warm-ups were 30 seconds longer to provide ample stretching time, or at least enough time to put your water bottle on the net and not turn around to immediately get pelted by your Bar Mexico seeking forwards as they’re more interested in sniping your water bottle than actually getting you loose.

But you’re not a pussy. You just finished game one and have to travel to another barn tomorrow night for the 2nd leg of a rare (and wife/girlfriend hating) back-to-back. You’re only condolence? Telling the boys that you sacrificed the body for them and more importantly your ability to perform later if you manage to persuade your significant other at 2am for some victory action.

It’s all about mentally and physically preparing for game 2. Mentally at work, you inform your uninterested associates of your nagging injury but that you’re willing to push through the pain again tonight, all for the sake of adding another digit in the W column. Physically, you’re consuming more carbs for needed energy. You take ZERO precautionary measures regarding your groin or strained muscle. Not only do you order chili with your Potbelly sub, but you also grab two, 500+ calorie cookies to ensure proper sugar ratios and blood glucose levels. Safety first boys, you’re going to have to dig deep tonight when you miss 80% of warmies and don’t bother to stretch again.


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