Stacking The Pads

What’s sicker than stacking the pads?

Fried Wings and a cold cruiser. But that’s unrelated.

Most people have no idea the magnitude this save has on everyone involved in the game. What’s even more important is the fact that this is an immaculate save brought about by terrible positioning, lack of agility and pure desperation. And heart. Lots and lots of heart.

Robbing someone at the back post with the ol’ 2-pad stack can entirely shift the momentum of the game at hand:

Your own bench, (once they catch their breaths and summon enough energy) bang their twigs against the boards like a Viking battle drum – which immediately fuels a clear off the high glass (instead of through the middle of the slot) or a fast break the other way.

The opposing team is now forever rattled as they realize they must being playing against The Dominator reincarnated or one of his illegitimate offspring brought about by years of wheeling broads worldwide.

Total game changer.

The crowd (comprised of 3-4 WAGS and some stragglers from the previous tilt finishing their post game pitchers) also gives a semi-enthusiastic thumbs up and head nod of approval.

The point is, we need more pad stacking. It looks so epic and if completed correctly, makes you appear way better than you actually are. Because you’re a washed-up ACHA D2 Club Tendy playing in the lower 3rd level of your local Beer League.