Buying Gear off Craigslist

As a Beer League Tendy, you are on a constant quest to have the sickest gear in the league. Whenever you see another goalie with a matching set, you automatically assume that he’s legit as fuck, and probably stops 35-40 biscuits a night on the reg.

However, due to life and the fact we don’t get paid to wear a brands gear (or get paid to sauce in general), we are forced to seek out the best deals for gear out there.

This often leads to Craigslist.

Once in a blue moon/when you see Ovechkin skating backwards, a gem pops up on Craigslist. After constant haggling through Ron TEXThall’s, you agree on a time, location, and price.

But just as sure as pass through the middle from your D-man gets intercepted, the gear is not as it was pictured. It’s beat to hell, straps broken, smells of cat piss, and not even the same color.

“Oh yeah, I took that pic like 3 years ago when it was pad wrapped shit green and yellow to match my Junior B team.”

Still because the goalie gear slut inside you craves new equipment like a diabetic seeing a dessert table, you buy it anyway.

Because you’re a dirty, dirty slut for any sort of new gear to add to your ongoing collection and plus, you’re going to be the seller in this same situation next year.